GeneBrowser: an approach for integration and functional classification of genomics data

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doi doi:10.2390/biecoll-jib-2007-82
submission August 01, 2007
published October 01, 2007

Joel Arrais, Bruno Santos, João Fernandes, Laura Carreto, Manuel A.S. Santos, José Luis Oliveira

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José Luis Oliveira
University of Aveiro


The aim of any high-throughput technique for genome analysis is to provide a direct link between the data produced and the hypothesis that originated the experiment. And so, tools for functional mRNA profiling and for gene information integration have become essential to this task. We have developed GeneBrowser as a novel approach to data analysis combining advantages of mRNA profiling tools of genome-scale experiments with others provided by data integration systems. At the moment the system provides functional annotations using Gene Ontology, Entrez Gene, KEGG Orthology and KEGG Pathways, including, also, relevant bibliography relative to the set of genes used. In addition GeneBrowser combines functional annotations displayed in graphic bars allowing the user to easily detect significant gene expression changes in each functional category. The system also allows navigating through the Gene Ontology tree to find how many genes are present in each node. The result is a comprehensive and easy to use web application that helps researchers to extract knowledge from large data sets and speeds up discovery processes. Availability: GeneBrowser is freely available at:


Joel Arrais, Bruno Santos, Jo?o Fernandes, Laura Carreto, Manuel A.S. Santos, Jose Luis Oliveira. GeneBrowser: an approach for integration and functional classification of genomics data. Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics, 4(3):82, 2007. Online Journal:
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